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Ladder Lift Service

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We pride ourselves on being a customer services company, our focus on delivering amazing customer experiences is what drives our decisions and motivates our performance. We just happened to move people, need our help?

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Have you ever struggled to get furniture through a doorway, up a staircase, or down a hallway?

We have dealt with this issue on many occasions.

What's the solution?

You could knock your wall down, but we imagine that you like your wall exactly where it is.
You could saw your sofa in half, but if you wanted a two-piece sofa, you would have probably bought one.
What about putting it in storage? But is that really the best solution? You'd lose the sofa you wanted and gain a monthly charge that you don't.
Sell it! That's a great idea, but even if you're able to sell it quickly, you will probably only get a fraction of the amount of money that it cost you. Leaving you to make up the difference when purchasing a new one.

So what's the solution? 

Fortunately, we know every trick in the book when it comes to solving this problem. Our most common solution for those items that are impossible to get upstairs is our ladder lift service. This is the safest way to hoist items of furniture above ground floor level. Our ladder lift technician will set up and secure the lift on site. If there is no access through a balcony, a member of our handyman team will remove the most accessible window, ready for our move technicians to bring in your item of furniture. If the problem is poor access to a room on the ground floor, our team will either remove a door or window to gain access to the desired location for your item of furniture. 

Who's going to put the window or door back?

We will, anything that is removed or taken out by us will be put back to its original condition by our team.
So there is no need for any demolition, no ongoing storage costs, and most importantly, no damage to your furniture or your beautiful new home. Another problem solved without the hassle.

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