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Special Packing Service

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We pride ourselves on being a customer services company, our focus on delivering amazing customer experiences is what drives our decisions and motivates our performance. We just happened to move people, need our help?

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Many of us have at least one item that is special to us. Whether sentimental or high value, these are items that make us nervous when handled by others. If you have antiques, collectables, or high-value items such as artwork or ornaments, we have a range of special packing materials and techniques that will guarantee the safe transit of your prized possessions.

Whether it's blue edging to give your furniture that additional protection along the edges, or tissue paper and polystyrene chips to protect those sometimes irreplaceable figurines and ornaments. Or our made-to-measure wooden crates for your TV screens and artwork.

During your initial on-site consultation, your move consultant will address any concerns over items that are to be moved. They will advise on any items that require special packing and briefly discuss the process that we use to ensure extra care and protection.

We will only advise using our Special Packing Service for the delicate items that require additional protection during your move. We also understand that it may help you feel more at ease knowing that there is an extra layer of protection around those items that make you nervous when it comes to moving them.

If you have any questions about the advantages of our Special Packing Service, please speak with your move consultant. You can rest assured that
it's not just your move that's in safe hands but every single item that we move, especially those closest to your heart. From antique china sets to one-of-a-kind works of art, our Special Packing Service has got you covered.

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