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We pride ourselves on being a customer services company, our focus on delivering amazing customer experiences is what drives our decisions and motivates our performance. We just happened to move people, need our help?


Ok so you have decided to do the packing yourself and selected our standard service. Along with the additional help and support that we offer as part of your move, our standard plus moving service goes a step further.

If you would rather not spend hours of your already busy schedule searching the internet for packing material that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Or lose time trying to source free boxes from your local shops, which there is absolutely nothing wrong with this method. As long as you have the time, patience and can get your hands on some good quality boxes that you can trust to protect and transport your goods safely. 

Our standard plus moving service cuts through all of the hassle. We provide all of your packing material at our reduced affordable price. So you wont have to take out a second mortgage just to cover the price of your boxes.

We will also arrange delivery of your packing material at a convenient date and time, you won't even have to leave the comfort of your home.

You may be thinking how do I know how many and what size. We know that you may need a bit of expert advice when selecting your moving boxes. Which is why your move consultant will make a list of all packing materials needed for your move on your initial in home move consultation. We can then use this information to provide a bespoke material package for you, or we also have a range of material packages varying from large to small if you would prefer to select one of these.

Our material packages also come with a box guide to advise on which boxes are best suited for packing your different items. Helping to make packing that little less daunting.

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