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We pride ourselves on being a customer services company, our focus on delivering amazing customer experiences is what drives our decisions and motivates our performance. We just happened to move people, need our help?

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Our worldwide network of trusted partners, guarantees you the same outstanding level of service and consistency throughout your move. From start to finish you can trust that your move is in safe hands.

Starting with your initial consultation with your move consultant, you can discuss your specific requirements and ask any questions you may have regarding your move. Your personal move coordinator will aide you in making all the necessary arrangements for your international move. Your specialist team of move technicians will have your belongings lovingly packed and loaded with minimal fuss. Our move technicians have had the pleasure of packing the weird and wonderful over the years. We are confident that there is nothing under the sun that we cant pack, so we love it when our customers give us a challenge.

With your belongings packed and loaded
we will make all of the arrangements from your front door at origin, to your front door at destination. Including handling your customs clearance process. All you have to do is book your flight and leave the rest to us. So why not be the next customer to experience our outstanding service and join those that have enjoyed moving with Trimoves Relocations.

When moving abroad the costs can quickly mount up.

Factors such as:-

  • Your moving service

  • Destination

  • Shipping insurance

  • Storage costs

  • Customs duty charges and taxes

  • Visa fees

All of this before you have arrived at your destination and consider living costs. We understand how quickly these factors can eat away at your moving budget. As part of our ability to cater for a range of budgets we offer our groupage service as a cost effective choice for those moving internationally with less than a container load.

With this service your shipment will share a container with several other shipments. This means that
rather than paying to ship a whole container, you will instead only be charged for the actual volume of your shipment. This will help to reduce costs and maximise your international move budget.

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